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Do You Really Know How To Select A Power Bank For Cell Phone?

Do you really know how to select a power bank for cell phone?

In the smartphone era,the smartphone’s battery life is a big problem.Limited by the current battery technology,smartphone users have to provided with an extra power bank when they use their phone.we could have bought power bank,but do you really know how to select a power bank?What are you seeing what does 5000mAh、10000mAh means?


About the capacity of power bank,bigger means better?

It is the most intuitive to care more about its capasity when we select a power bank.The larger the capacity, the more number the power bank can charge for mobile.However, how much the capacity it marked,means how much power it can be able to charge for phone? It is obviously not.Normally,the rated voltage of lithium battery is 3.7V,but the voltage of USB interface is 5V.First,it must complete a process of boost voltage during the period when the power bank is charging for phone.To make the voltage Boost from 3.7V to 5V, and then charge current into the phone.The process of boost voltage, the resistance of wire will bring a certain amount of damage to the power throughout the charging process.It means that the power is not 100% full charge for the phone,This is the conversion of power bank.The level of conversion have much to do with the motherboard of power bank and the quality of USB cable.In most case,the conversion of power bank on the market is about 70%.If it is relatively poor quality power bank,the conversion is about as low as 50%.Some of the brands is more than 80%.It's natural to fully charge an iphone 6s with a quality 10000mAh power bank.



Can the power bank support fast charging?

On the market nowadays,There have been a lot of power bank to support fast charging.However,for the fast charging of power bank,it is better to buy a two-way fast charging one.What is two-way fast charging power bank?That is, in addition to fast charging for phone,the power bank itself must be also fast charging.This is the key as a fast charging power bank especially the latter.Most of the capacity of power bank is over 10000mAh,if it charge itself slowly,it should be also very painful.



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