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Emergency Power Supply For Automobile


Emergency power supply for automobile

Now we all love to travel, or to run long-distance, accidentally forgot to turn off a light, probably second days the car won't start, it will be more trouble, so usually a car emergency power supply for possible period of want or need.

So what about the quality of emergency power supply in the market now? How to select the power supply for emergency start?

Now sales of emergency power is generally divided into two types of lead-acid batteries and lithium polymer classes.

Lead acid battery is the traditional emergency power supply, the weight and volume are relatively large.

Emergency starting power lithium polymer class is one trendy products, quality has the advantages of small volume, auxiliary function, with lighting and a variety of electronic products for production, the general also has flash or rescue signal lamp function, disadvantage is the limited battery capacity, but satisfied with the need like or can.

We choose the emergency power from which to look at it?

One, security

Car emergency start power car is accompanied by the whole life process tool, the internal environment of automobile is sometimes very harsh, such as extreme high temperature and low temperature, rough, wet or dry, which put forward a very high request for emergency power supply for automobile manufacturing level, once had the car exploded in the emergency power supply, can not be used is the second, but first of all, who do not want to buy a car bomb placed in a corner, so the car emergency start power first look at the security technology of non-compliance.

Two, battery capacity

Car emergency start power is essentially a mobile power supply, and a key measure of mobile power is excellent is the battery capacity is big enough, how many times can auto start without having to charge, especially in travel or driving conditions, large capacity is the strong backing of peace of mind.

Three, function

Just be able to start the car and this work is not enough, if you can conveniently provide other utility functions better, such as providing more interface for other electronic products when charging, mobile phone, tablet, camera what no electricity when also can be a lifesaver, night time can provide illumination in remote places can for help.

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