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Energizer Battery Charger And 750 Battety Charger

energizer battery charger and 750 battety charger

Electricity has become a source of energy we can not do, we know how much it, today introduced the battery.

Types of batteries

There are many types of batteries, battery, battery, and small size of the battery.

The classification method usually has three kinds of classification methods

The first category: according to the type of electrolyte

Including: alkaline battery, electrolyte solution with potassium hydroxide as fire main battery: such as alkaline zinc manganese batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries.

Acid battery, mainly in sulfuric acid aqueous solution as the medium, such as zinc manganese dry battery (some consumers also known as acid battery), sea water battery, etc.;

Organic electrolyte battery, mainly in organic solution as the medium of the battery, such as lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries.

Second categories: according to the nature of the work and the way of storage

Including: a battery, also known as the original battery, that can not be rechargeable batteries, such as zinc manganese dry batteries, lithium batteries, etc.;

Two battery, rechargeable batteries, such as nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, etc.;

Batteries used to refer to lead-acid batteries, but also the two battery;

Fuel cell, which is the active material in the battery is continuously from the outside into the battery, such as fuel cell; standby battery, the battery storage is not in direct contact with the electrolyte, until the battery is used, before adding electrolyte, such as magnesium silver battery also known as sea water pool.

The third kind: according to the positive and negative materials of the battery.

Including: zinc series battery, such as zinc manganese battery, zinc silver battery, etc.;

A series of nickel batteries, such as nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries etc.:

Lead series batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, etc.;

Lithium ion battery, lithium manganese battery;

A series of manganese dioxide batteries, such as zinc manganese batteries, alkaline manganese battery etc.;

Air (oxygen) series batteries, such as zinc air batteries.

In addition, there is a kind of classification is

Chemical battery: primary battery and two battery, combustion battery, etc.

Physical battery: solar cells, solar cells, etc.

Bio battery: dissolved battery, etc.

Battery applications

Now the battery is widely used in the field, but according to the requirements of different areas, with different types of batteries.

Watch with button type batteries are generally used, small size, with a long time.

Cameras generally use lithium batteries, because it can provide a higher energy, can be a long time of the load.

The motorcycle car is made of lead acid batteries and lithium polymer batteries, because of the need to use a long time, because the volume and weight are very large.

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