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Excellent Solar Phone Charger

There are two types of solar power storage methods: solar charging and power charging.

1, the solar mobile power can be placed in the sun can be charged. The green light indicates that it is on the charge, and when the solar energy is good, the charging time can be filled in about 12 hours (charging time is determined by the strength of the sun).

2, with the home to charge the solar charger, the indicator light green light, about 8-10 hours or so can be filled, the light is off that the battery is full.

Solar phone charger features:

1, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and convenience use, long life and wide application.

2, solar mobile power using solar energy, no electricity, no later operating costs, saving electricity, the country is vigorously promoting the use of green energy conservation energy.

3, solar phone charger can be installed, from location restrictions, easy to install, where there is sunshine there is electricity.

4, Its technology content is high, advanced technology, low failure rate, the basic maintenance-free, very little maintenance.

5, The operation is simple, as long as there is a light power output.

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