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Excellent Travel Adapters

Flying among different cities around the globe, travelers are the most enviable persons in the world. With advanced modern transport means, we can arrive anywhere with commercial jets. Imagine just a couple of hours later, we are in a never-before-seen country where everything is brand new to explore.

Convenient Travel Adapter

To capture these amazing scenery, we need cameras, mobile phones, laptops, tablets... In fact, any electronic device can be used to store pictures. However, bringing your electronics overseas, you have to consider that the socket may not be compatible with your plugs. This may vary depending on where you are visiting. Generally speaking, Sockets are made with EU, Asian and US standards. That is to say, if you are about to travel across these regions, you must need a travel adapter.

World Travel Charger

A travel adapter connects the socket on one side and transforms the voltage into an usable one to charge your mobile phones, tablets, etc. Perhaps this sounds simple, but safety is always a priority. A qualified travel charger must have overload protection in case that your phone catches fire. Also, most of the travel adapters have equipped with quick charge 2.0 technology, a fast charge tech that minimizes the charging time. Yilon now has come up with a multiple USB port travel adapter with each port at least 2.4A current, which ensures that within a couple of hours, your cellphone will be charged full and back to work. 

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