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Explain The Circuit Part Of The Power Bank Supply


As the ideal energy storage battery in the current Power Bank scheme, the lithium battery has a lot of advantages over other batteries, such as large power density and light weight. But also has the shortcoming, one of the biggest disadvantage is is easy to overcharge or over put, if a lithium battery voltage discharges to 2.7V below that this battery will belong to the release, the same charge when the lithium battery charged to 4.2V above that also belongs to overcharge. Lithium batteries overcharge and discharge, which will cause permanent damage to lithium-ion batteries. From the molecular level, it can be intuitively understood that excessive discharge will lead to the negative carbon release of lithium ions and make its layer structure collapse, excessive charge will put too much lithium ions into the negative carbon structure, and make some lithium ions can no longer be released. This is why lithium-ion batteries are usually equipped with charging and discharging control circuits.

Power indication

General Power Bank supply everyone is taking out temporarily to the mobile phone or PSP and other digital products when no electricity or travel when the standby power supply, so want to know all the time that they carry the Power Bank supply is still how much power, now the general power of the battery indication is through the acquisition of voltage to determine the residual power of the mobile supply, If you know anything about lithium-ion batteries, the voltage of the lithium battery will slowly rise from the highest 4.2V (that is, full power) to the lowest voltage of 2. 7V (that is, no electricity), to 2. The protection circuitry at 7V will work to break the current.


General Lithium batteries have a special charge IC to recharge, first constant pressure and then constant flow of the last trickle charge. But some Power Bank manufacturers in order to save costs, not lithium-ion batteries specifically charged IC, but directly with the protection Board to achieve this function, although the protection of the Board can not be recharged (because the battery to 4.2V Protection Board will also function to cut the current), but the life of the current will have a great impact, but also unsafe, Because the general lithium battery charge IC inside not only integrates the charge protection function and temperature monitoring, if the temperature is too high will be protected, so that the charging time relative to the battery has a dual protection, one is the charge IC has rushed to 4. Around 2V will cut off the current, while the protection IC will also work, of course, in extreme cases, If the charge IC is damaged or the IC is damaged, then the double protection is important.


Because the Power Bank to 5V mobile phones, PSP, iphone and other digital products charge, so the built-in lithium battery through a step-up circuit after the regulator to support the mobile phone, PSP, the iphone and other digital products to charge. But the boost will involve an efficiency problem, such as 5000mah lithium battery by 70% efficiency of the boost that is equivalent to only 3500mah of the capacity of the battery, of course, the higher the efficiency of the booster board is better, the integrated boost circuit generally do 85% already belong to very high, because to integrate the protection Board, LED, such as efficiency is sure to drop some, after all, has not yet invented the superconductor current do not say after the IC even after the wire has a power loss, but too low certainly not. Of course, Power Bank to mobile phones and other digital products charge to the current also has a certain demand, general 1000mah is enough, because now many smart phones, iphones, PSP and other support computer USB direct access to charge, and the computer USB port output current maximum 500mah can also be normal charge. So the general Power Bank boost circuit parts do 1000mah of the current is absolutely enough, except at the same time drag three or a four-way charge.

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