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Fashionable And Lightweight: Bracelet Power Bank

Fashionable and lightweight: Bracelet power bank

QBracelet is a bracelet design for men and women,it may be the best look Bracelet power bank at present.It is a mobile power bank, but also a fashion bracelet.Usually,we can put it directly on the hand,just like a fashion bracelet.When your mobile phone is out of power, the Bracelet power bank can turn into a power bank and charge your phone.

In fact, it was proposed the idea of Bracelet power bank long ago,but it is the first time to get such beautiful one. Its inner layer is made of polycarbonate, but the outer layer is a layer of aluminum.It has a matte black, bright black, bright gold, Matt silver and bright silver five kinds of color for choices,it is very beautiful to wear it on the hand.

Due to the campact appearance,QBracelet will be not too large,its 1160mAh inner power can only provide a part of power for phone(can charge for iPhone 5S to 60%),but it is enough for emergency.There are two kinds of USB interface of QBracelet which can support iPhone and most of the Android devices.You can pull Bracelet power bank from the center, and then expose the charging connector.In this way, even if you charging on your hand you will not feel too tired.In order to adapt to the needs of different groups of people, this Bracelet power bank launched a large, medium and small of three dimensions.

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