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FBI Would Not Tell Apple How To Hack

                                           FBI would not tell Apple how to hack


Last December 2nd, terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, gunmen shot and killed 14 people were killed by police. Investigators found a iPhone 5C, but could not be unlocked. The FBI asked apple to provide special software to help unlock, but Apple was rejected.

The U.S. federal court issued a court order in February, indicating that apple to assist the FBI cracked the phone. Apple asked the court to revoke the court order, and refers to the U.S. government's move to digital security and privacy has far-reaching impact.

In March this year, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation has successfully cracked California San Bernardino shooting the apple mobile phone.

Apple Representatives last week said they would explore ways to force the FBI to publicly break the phone through legal channels.

28, the Apple Corp issued a statement saying that the FBI from the start should not take the matter to the court, while emphasizing the company will continue to strengthen product safety.

According to the Losangeles times "reported that the FBI 1 unnamed officials said they successfully cracked this weekend in the mobile phone, mobile phone to obtain the data. He declined to specify what data only in the mobile phone, said investigators are analyzed. He also refused to disclose the method of crack and provide a method of the mobile phone.

Abdul, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, said: "the case has never been more than 1 mobile phones, but it's about the government's power to seize the unprecedented power, which poses a threat to the security and privacy of every individual"

He also said: Unfortunately, today, only to postpone the FBI can force apple to weaken its own product safety this inevitable controversy "

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