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Five Details Determines Service Life Of Power Bank

Five details determines service life of power bank

Nowadays,power bank is one of the necessary digital accessories,we bring power bank with us when traveling or having a business trip.But some bad habits of power bank use would easy to shorten their service life,even can cause explosion.If we pay attention to the daily usage details of power bank,the service life can be prolonged.



Proper place the power bank

Many times we load various objects into backpack.Although there is a hard shell protection on the surface of the power bank,it doesn’t mean that its resistance is strong.It is easy to lead to the inneral structure of lithium battery misalignment when the power bank is pressed to a certain extent and causes circuits.If you bought a poor quality power bank unfortunately,it would cause accident such as explosion.Therefore,we suggest reserving some space when you put the power bank into the bag.

The usage ambiet temperature of power bank

In summer,as the temperature rises,we mustn’t expose directly to sunlight.In addition,for car owners,don’t put the power bank in the car,once it broke spontaneous combustion,the consequences would be disastrous.



Don’t over charger the power bank

A lot of people such a habit: charge the power bank before going to bed,and pull off the plug the following morning.Some of the power bank without overcharge protection would continue charging under full charge,eletctronlyte would be resolved and produce gas, make the shell rupture,the oxygen enter into inside of the power bank and reaction with the lithium atom and lead to explosion.Therefore,we should try to avoid charging the power bank and mobile phone at night.

We shuold regular recharge the power bank while it is not used for a long term.

In order to prolong service life,the power bank should keep at least 50% of power while  it is not used for a long term,and regular to recharge and discharge it once a month.



Use a wall charger which output can match the power bank

Do not think that to pick any wall charger so that it can charge the power bank.Most of the wall charger’s output today is greater than 5V 1A.If using other non-conformity wall charger to charge power bank,it is possible that it will lead to overload or charge without power,or even burst into flame.

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