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Forthcoming Trend In Mobile Power Bank

2017 starts now after every day of anticipation. In 2016, we have seen a rapid growth in mobile power bank demand as mobile phones demand continue to thrive significantly. According to statistics, China now owns more than 4000 mobile power bank manufacturers and dealers. Though the demand is huge, the market competition is still out of question. Here what we are doing today is summarize some new trends in power bank industry.

Firstly, quick charging technology is widely applied in power banks. Despite the pleasing rise in mobile phone market, especially in smart phone section, the frequency of power loss is the biggest issue waiting to be tackled. Quick charging technology, currently, is not only applied in mobile phone manufacturing, but also in power bank makings. What we see is that Technologies such as Quick Charge, MTK Pump Express are mainstreams. It is hard to say which is the best technology for customers considering all their strengths and shortcomings. In 2017, we may witness a blossoming season of both tech upgrades.

Secondly, Innovative power bank may enter the market. As mentioned above, Although China is the largest supplier of power bank as well as other corresponding industries, the numerous suppliers of power bank provide products more than we need. In terms of power bank itself, there is much less space for innovation cause all the products look and serve alike. Producers need to find a more personalized, customized and user-friendly solution to be the first.

Most importantly, wireless charging power bank begin to spring up. Since we begin to use a mobile phone, or even an electronic device, we have been in contact with all sorts of wires, which intertwines, coils and curls. It really can be bothering and irritating. However, when wireless power bank comes into your mind, it just saves efforts to this tiny nuisance. In fact, the wireless charging power bank with interactive data is much more convenient with fast transmission speed, easy operation and other evident advantages. We believe that conventional charging technology with the lower efficiency, higher cost, standards confusion and other technical bottlenecks problems, wireless charging technology will be widely used in mobile power. In the foreseeable future, wireless charging technology will be applied into every electronic device as a trending technique.

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