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Good Quality IPhone Data Line

Good Quality iPhone Data Line

iPhone data line in Apple's official price to $ 20 or more! Such a high price for mobile phone users to choose to buy cottage data line. Cottage data line for the user is indeed a choice, but the cottage is not quality assurance data lines, or even harm the phone. Since the genuine is too expensive and no guarantee of cottage quality, then the user is better to select the third-party manufacturers of data lines.

Cottage data lines and high-quality data line what kind of workmanship difference? The main difference between the two is the use of materials. A layer of silver metal mesh braid shield outside the authentic data line, this metal screen mesh is very dense, there is a layer of aluminum foil shielding layer under the metal screen, double shielding process, this process can protect the wire will not be easily damaged, Data line life, but also to ensure the stability of signal transmission.

Third-party MFi authentication data line: a double shield, the process is good.

Cottage data line: work in general, there is a layer of shielding or not.

Third-party MFi authentication data line: the internal core number the better.

Cottage data line: very few internal core.

Third party MFi authentication data line: Add protection for iPhone plugs shielding shell.

Cottage data line: no protection iPhone shell shielding shell.

For the average consumer, in the purchase can refer to a few points:

1.See the tail. What is the tail? In fact, the data line interface and wire connected parts. How to choose has been anti-compression compression of the data line, tail design is one of the purchase criteria. The tail of the design as long as possible, the more coarse the better, it is recommended that you choose the longer tail thicker data lines.

2.The skin material, the more soft the better. Soft data line is not easy to break.

3.The interface work of high quality. Cottage data line and high-quality data lines, compared to the quality of work obviously much worse.

Compared to the high price of the original iPhone data line to compare, the purchase of third-party data line is also a good choice, after all, third-party data line is Apple's official certification, product quality and no flaws, more importantly, cheap. Ten million attention, only through Apple's official certification!

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