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How Does The High Quality Fast Charger Realize The Fast Charging?

How does the high quality fast charger realize the fast charging?

Nowadays, The configuration of smart phones update faster and faster.However,lithium battery technology development todays has not yet solved the problem of mobile phone battery capacity.But if you can achieve fast charging,then make the charging time become very short,isn't it equal to improve the phone's battery life?And how does the high quality fast charger realize the fast charging?



According to the formula: Power(P)=voltage(V) x current(I)

The high quality fast charger todays is to achieve fast charging by raising the voltage or the current.

For example, a USB port's maximum load current is 1A,When the charger output is 5V, the power of the charge is 5W;If you want to raise the voltage to 20V, the current is still 1A, the power of the charge is 20W,The fast charging time has been reduced to 1/4,Of course, this is not to consider the loss of the ideal situation .Nowadays,Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 and PE+ technology can increase the voltage to 12V,And the corresponding adjustment of the current, so that the wall charger can achieve fast charging.

Of course, to support the QC and PE technology certainly also need the support of Qualcomm and MTK's PE technology's new-model chips.However,If I use the old phone, its chip does not support Qualcomm or PE technology,isn't it can not achieve fast charging? 



However, due to the adoption of the USB interface of the mobile phone is limited by the impact of the USB2.0 standard,The charge current will be limited to the under 1.5A,the maximum current allowed by the interface is 1.8A,Therefore, even if the use of 2.1A wall charger, current will be limited.If you can make the wall charger to maintain the inherent 5V fast charging voltage of USB,Improve the fast charging current, and exceed the 1.5A limit of the USB interface,Make the charge current can reach 4A,In this way, it can also greatly improve the charging speed to achieve fast charging.



It should be noted that Ordinary mobile phone fast charging power is generally between 5W-10w,the wall charger industry said the high quality fast charger is able to achieve the fast charging voltage of 5V or above the charging current 2A,charge power is higher than 10W.Therefore,All of the above experiments we just speed up the charging speed of the phone,can not be called fast charging.



Furthermore,We can rest assured about the problem the safety of high quality fast charger and whether it affects battery life.No matter Which fast charging method is used,Its security is not different from the traditional charging.Moreover,there is not directly related to the battery life and the charging speed.


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