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How To Charge Your New Cellphone?

Lithium Battery is now widely applied in cellphones, and there are some points to be made clear on charging a lithium battery.

In the use of lithium batteries, one thing should be noted that the battery will be in a sleep state after placing for a period of time, and the capacity will be lower than normal, the use of time also will be shortened. However, lithium battery is easy to activate, after 3-5 times use, the discharge cycles can activate the battery to restore normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of lithium battery itself, it does not need a special method and equipment to charge for the very first time.

Some may say charge time must be more than 12 hours for the first time. In fact, thats the difference between lithium battery and nickel batteries (such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen) continued down the argument. So this misinformation can be ignored. Lithium battery just need to be charged as instructed, and it will work fine.

In addition, when fully charged, one should disconnect as quick as possible, because the cellphone stops charging automatically even if you dont discharge. Charging overtime will cause unnecessary damage to your lithium battery instead.

In summary, There are 3 steps to keep in mind.

1, In accordance with the standard time and procedures for charging, even if the first three have to be so.

2, When the phone is too low power tips, you should try to start charging in time.

3, Lithium battery activation does not require a special method, the normal use of lithium batteries in the phone will naturally activate.

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