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How To Choose USB Wall Charger

How to choose USB Wall Charger

Many mobile phone explosion event were associated with fake USB wall charger.Normal use of the phone is relatively safe.As for the third party USB wall charger of mobile phone, if it is the qualified USB wall charger made in brand manufacturers ,In essence,the effect is closed to original USB wall charger,but the price is relatively cheap.How can we know whether our purchase of  third party USB wall charger is safety quatified or not?Let's introduce how to choose USB Wall Charger.


Generally,good quality USB wall charger is slightly heavier,you can feel the weight when you weighed it in your hand,because a good quality USB wall charger contains more electronic components.You can take several different brands, different models of USB wall charger to weigh in your hand when you are buying ,then you can easy to feel the difference in their weight.


Nowadays,a lot of chargers are separate from the USB wall charger and the charging cable,you can replace the charging cable when charge for different mobile phones.If you buy a USB wall charger for this design.We must pay attention to the interface of USB wall charger can be able to fully engage the charging cable,The interface is not good ,neither too loose nor too tight. The too loose one can easy to lead to the phone to receive an unstable current,it can also form an instantaneous electric current,and the too tight interface is easy to break.


Normally,a good USB wall charger plug is relatively strong and compact,you need to slightly exerts when it is charging ,then it can be connected into the socket.If it is easy to be inserted or pulled out, it shows that there might be a problem of the USB wall charger in design.


Smart IC is an important part of USB wall charger.It is similar to the computer CPU.This IC can control current,voltage and temperature when it charging.At present,the smart IC of USB wall charger have evolved into third generation,the function is relatively perfect.

Calorific Value

The transformer inside of USB wall charger will have some heat when it charging,normally,the temperature of heat will not over 30℃.The better the quality of the transformer,the lower the temperature of heat,the more secure for the mobile phone.Touching the USB wall charger,if it is mild fever,that is normal.If it is burning your hand we should pay special attention to this point ,for your safety ,you should deprecate it as soon as possible.

Remember these, you can quickly  choose USB Wall Charger


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