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How To Improve The Safety Of Power Bank

How to improve the safety of Power Bank

For everyone to use Power Bank of some security issues, in some small details can also be greatly improved. Power Bank just like the ordinary battery, it can be said to use very safe, but how to carry out some reverse operation, or will damage the Power Bank, serious explosion will occur Oh. So we have to normal operation, the following we come to tell you about the use of the correct Power Bank, improve the safety of the method:

1, a reasonable charge

Charging must ensure that the voltage stability, and do not touch the current stimulation, summed up is a reasonable charging environment.

2, carefully stored

Do not place the Power Bank in a damp place, in that environment is easy to bad, and do not squeeze, especially in the case of charging, or the possibility of a great explosion Oh. There is not exposed to high temperature environment, or sun exposure and so on.

3, can not use fire

It is very dangerous to use the fire that is the original explosion. Now the Power Bank is not much protection measures are pre-water useless, fire on the explosion, we must understand this.

Improve the safety of Power Bank, so that we use a more reliable Power Bank.

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