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How To Maintain Power Bank To Extend The Life Of Power Bank

Many friends bought a Power Bank, due to improper maintenance caused by Power Bank life greatly reduced, where the probe Power Bank manufacturers with you under analysis: If your power supply properly, even if the quality of the brand is very good Power Bank, life Will be greatly affected, and even have a security problem. So how to maintain Power Bank? Xiaobian to introduce a few very useful little way.

When moving the power supply to the device, please note the following:

1, please do not put the Power Bank charger Po on the bag to the phone to charge, because the bag is not sealed air, poor heat dissipation, will lead to Power Bank charging Po and mobile phone fever, reduce Power Bank and mobile phone life, and may Resulting in Power Bank charging Po and mobile phone damage, it is recommended to put it in a ventilated place or air conditioning environment charge.

2, Power Bank should be in a dry environment. Rain, moisture and various liquids or moisture can corrode electronic components and lines.

3, Power Bank can not be stored at high temperatures. High temperature will shorten the life of the electronic device, damage the battery and make some plastic aging. At the same time try to avoid in the cold outdoor or low temperature use. General lithium battery operating temperature of 0-55 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too low, the battery will be unstable and the discharge will be insufficient.

4, iPad or Samsung Tablet PC must be selected to have a 5V / 2A output of the Power Bank supply, the use of 2A below the output of the Power Bank will lead to dissatisfaction and charge after the use of a short time, and must be in the shutdown state, or may not To charge. The output voltage of the Power Bank supply must be in the range of 5 ± 0.5V, otherwise it can not charge some brand mobile phone.

Power Bank itself should pay attention to the following points when charging:

1, after the purchase of the first charge is best full of electricity and then use, do not have to fully charge the lithium battery, not to exhaust the power application. In the case of circumstances permit, as far as possible to keep the battery power in the vicinity of half full state, charging and discharge the smaller the better. General lithium battery charging time is 2-5 hours, fully charged, the best timely pull out from the socket, do not lithium battery long-term application of external power supply equipment in the case of work. Long-term full power is equivalent to the murder of lithium batteries.

2, the Power Bank itself has two ways to charge, one is inserted in the computer USB port, the second is inserted in the home power, plug in the home power supply when charging, because the Power Bank adapter cable length is limited, so please do not plug in the wall On the socket, hang the charge will lead to damage to Power Bank, it is recommended to move the power flat, plug in the multi-function patch panel socket charge!

3, probing Power Bank is generally standard USB port. When charging the Power Bank supply, select a reliable charger. Poor quality USB charger, no overcurrent protection. Charging may cause permanent damage to the power supply during charging.

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