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How To Prevent Car Breakdown

1. First check the vehicle's brakes, suspension, and transmission parts

For a new car or less than a year of vehicle age, the brake check, you can test to test, whether there is brake deviation, the brake does not lock the phenomenon, you can rule out the fault. With a visual method to check whether the brake disc is normal, wear is not equal, brake calipers back to normal, and both sides of the position of the brake force is similar to the uniform.

2. Check the vehicle chassis

In the course of the trip, encountered a bad road, especially the stone road, there is no security measures of the engine shell and gearbox shell, it is easy from the road stones and other foreign objects impact, causing damage. If there is a serious care, then it will make the vehicle suffered serious damage, can only wait for trailer rescue, will seriously affect the quality of travel.

3. Check the vehicle's tires

Check whether the inflation pressure of each tire (including the spare tire) is normal, and also check the tire wear, if a tire after repeated repair or repair of the wall parts, it is recommended to replace the new tires. Long-distance driving before the owner can best bring some necessary tire repair tools, such as external fast tire repair tape, film, etc., to prepare for contingencies.

4. Check the engine compartment oil

The owner should check the engine compartment before the oil level and the oil quality is normal, so that the daily travel before the car and stop the car after the inspection once and found that the lack of oil should be added in time. For the mileage and travel time longer models to confirm whether the vehicle oil spill failure. The simple way to check the oil spill is that the owner in the daily car after the end of the vehicle, especially near the bottom of the engine placed clean paper or cotton cloth, to be the next day before the trip to recover, so that a few days after the continuous check the engine and Whether the relevant parts of the oil spill.

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