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How To Prolong Life Of Car Jump Starter?

1, Continuous charging.

We all know, no matter what kind of electronic products, when charging, it is best to keep the charge unstopped, so as to extend the life of multi-functional emergency power supply, and automotive car jump starter is not exception. We also have to proper use the device, Do not overcharge or over-discharge.


2, Bumping prevention.

Once you get the car multi-functional jump starter, you should consciously prevent it from bumps or wears, because the item consists of more fragile parts and structure, if casually throw, Collide, it is likely that some of the internal parts would damage to the internal circuit board, thus affecting the proper working.

3, use of the appropriate USB charging head and data cable.

In general, the car jump starter has a different charging head and data lines, and manufacturers tailored according to designated electronic devices with varied specifications. So it is best to use the manufacturer configured USB charging head and data cable for charging, which can effectively extend the car multi-function emergency power supply life.


To extend the life of jump starter, one also need to pay attention to its waterproof quality.

The interior of a jump starter is generally a number of electrical-related devices, these may be scrapped or unusable in case of water, so we must be aware of this problem.

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