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How To Safely Use Power Bank?

How to safely use power bank?

The news that the power bank caused an explosion and burst into flame happen frequently.Is the security of power bank really so bad?Power bank consist of this three main sections:battery core,PCB and shell.Nomally,a quality PCB can ensure the security of power bank and make the most of the power bank in these situation that daily use or have an accident.And the fire redardant shell can avoid harmful results further expansion when have an accident.As for the inner battery core,Lithium is active chemical symbol,but if the battery core with high quality standard and ensure the battery core liquid don’t contact with air,it will be pretty safe.In addition,we should keep good usage habits: no collision,no fallen and don’t place power bank in a overheat environment.A quality power bank would not cause an accident such as explosion as long as it was normal used.




We do not worry, under normal circumstances, most of this explosion is caused by substandard products and we do not have the normal use of safety.

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