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How To Start A Car With Manual Transmission

Many car enthusiasts like to drive a manual car, a very important reason is that driving the manual transmission car technical requirements than the automatic high, better experience driving pleasure. However, for the novice, whether it is waiting for traffic lights or uphill, the start off is not only a headache, more important is very insecure. The following tips can be solutions to tackle the worries of some drivers.

1. Ground start

First open the car, and then quickly depress the clutch, the gear on the first gear, and then slowly release the clutch, feel loose to a certain position the vehicle will start moving forward, once you feel the wheel moving, to stabilize the clutch Light throttle. Be careful not to quickly loose clutch, otherwise the vehicle will be "a red rush". After the vehicle moves forward, stabilize the clutch two seconds to three seconds, light step on the gas, while slowly loose clutch, so start relatively stable. With the same way to shift the gear to 2 files, a foot clutch on it. The most important thing is to feel loose when the vehicle forward to the point, as long as the point of the prospective, each time to reach this point after the shift step on the throttle and then loose clutch, basically the vehicle will be more stable.

2. Start after traffic lights

Wait for the traffic lights do not tense, the red light there are the last 5 seconds, you can step on the clutch, and then slowly began to loose clutch, red light green light last seconds to see the front of the car, the light step on the gas, then Slowly loose clutch, it is not easy to turn off the fire.

3. Slope start

First slam the brakes, and then depress the clutch, hanging in a file. And then slowly lift the left foot clutch pedal, when carried to a position, will feel the engine a little change sound, accompanied by the body began to tremble, that has been to the clutch point, and now release the brake pedal, the vehicle will not Backwards. And then please step on the gas, the vehicle will be able to successfully started. And other vehicles after the start, and then slowly release the clutch pedal on it. Is not very simple, more practice on it.

4. reasons leading to flameout

In addition to the operation caused by the failure of the turnout, there are other reasons please reference to the riders. For example, the fuel tank is out of oil, the battery voltage is too low cause the motor can not start or can not reach the starting speed, idling motor failure (which is activated if not immediately after the oil to turn off), oil blockage (common in the daily use of poor gasoline (The same as above), vehicle control system failure (this failure is rare, but does not rule out the possibility of control system failure will lead to all the functional failure of the vehicle), intake pipe blockage (may have foreign matter, check from the intake Mouth, air filter to the throttle of the pipeline, spark plug, high voltage fault, etc.). Therefore, the daily maintenance of the car is also very important.

Finally, no matter what the cause of the car stall, one should be calm, not impatient.

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