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How To Tell Between Genuine And Pirated USB Cable?

When mobile phone is used for quite some time, some phone accessories are bound to wear out. USB cable is definitely one of them. It is inevitable that we constantly change USB cables because it damages quite frequently. However we also need to distinguish genuine cable wires from pirated ones. This is why we are writing this paper.

USB cable

1.Lightning Ports

In the Lightning interface, the main difference lies in the cheat chip parts and the entire metal frame of the work on the difference. When the original data line slides over with the nail, you will obviously feel it flat feeling, and the pirated version of the data line surface is uneven. Fully open, the original line of the same process than the cottage data cable connector work better

2.Data Line Rubber

The original data line rubber surface will be printed with apple made in English words, pirated version iPhone5s data line is not necessarily lettering.

USB cable

3.The Wire Layout within the rubber

Compared to the external distinction, the difference within the line will be more obvious. The original data cable shielded wire and metal mesh, and pirated data line is no metal mesh. The role of the metal network is to enhance connection to the ground, ensuring the data line in a more secure environment. Another original data cable will have a separate yellow line, which the pirated version did not. If the glue is further stripped of the wire, the inner wire material is obviously thicker. Here again and again the role of the wire within the line to the original line as an example: green, white line on behalf of data transmission; red power supply; yellow line can play a role in prevention and control.

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