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How To Use Power Bank Is Safe?

How to use Power Bank is safe?

1 in the bag to avoid contact with metal objects

Power Bank and keys, nail clippers, girls card and other small metal objects mixed together on the bag, the metal objects may be accidentally inserted into the USB output port, resulting in short circuit. So when placed in a bag or pocket, and metal objects to separate.

2 Do not squeeze, throw the Power Bank

Pack up the bag, the bag has been full of stuffed, and only to find that Power Bank has not put into. To find a gap into the plug, and feel that they have a sense of accomplishment. In fact, this squeeze the Power Bank, will lead to lithium battery internal structure dislocation, resulting in short circuit. If the batteries or circuit boards are inferior, it may explode. Throwing, violent shaking Power Bank is also true, so we have to gently point it.

3 Note the environment where the Power Bank is placed

Placed in the environment is too high or too low, will make the life of Power Bank greatly reduced, and may lead to an explosion. Can not side of the bath, while attached to the Power Bank to watch TV. Travel, but also do not have long-term exposure to Power Bank in the sun. In particular, to remind that the summer car temperature is higher, space closed, do not move the power to stay in the car, otherwise spontaneous combustion, Power Bank and cars have to suffer.

4 Avoid overcharging

Many people have such a habit of charging the Power Bank at night, wake up the next morning and then unplug the plug. In fact, it is best to move the power indicator light is full when the unplug the plug, stop charging. If the case of full power, but also has been moving the power plug in the socket, happens to be inferior to the Power Bank supply is not fully protected, overcharge when the electrolyte and other materials will break down the gas, making the shell rupture, oxygen into the lithium Reaction, causing an explosion.

5 When not in use to keep 50% of the electricity

Sometimes a month or two are not a long way, it will not need to move the power, and throw the dust in the corner are not concerned about. In order to extend the life of the Power Bank supply, in the idle, it is best to retain the state of 50% of the power storage, the monthly power supply to the power supply and put a power.

6 Use a charger that meets the rated output

Do not think that can charge the charger can be used. Now part of the flat-panel charger specifications are greater than 5V / 1A, and the largest Power Bank also 5V / 1A, long-term use of flat-panel charger to charge the Power Bank, due to overload caused by fire.

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