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Introduction To Commonly Used Battery Models

Introduction To Commonly Used Battery Models

When we buy a flashlight, always see the use of AA, AAA, CR123A, and 14500,18650,26500,103450 and other batteries, then these figures represent what? I will explain for you.

5 digits indicate the cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell: the first two digits refers to the pool diameter, the latter three digits refers to the pool of high, units are mm. For example: 14,500 batteries, about 14mm diameter, 50mm high. Common models: 14500,14650,17490,18500,18650,26500, the maximum voltage is 4.2V.

6 digits for the square-shaped lithium-ion battery cell: respectively, said battery thickness, width and height in mm. 103450, i.e., 10 (thickness) x 34 (width) x 50 (height) mm. If the thickness value is greater than the width value, the thickness should be * 0.1, for example: 433861 or 4.3 (43 * 0.1) × 38 × 61mm.

CR button battery, CR that lithium - manganese dioxide, CR behind the four digits, the first two are the diameter, the latter two are high. For example: CR2032 refers to a diameter of 20mm, 3.2mm high battery.

CR123A naming more special, CR123A battery size is CR17335, is the diameter of 17 mm, height of 33.5 mm lithium manganese battery.

AA is one of the battery types, the general size of diameter 14mm, height 49mm. AA battery size and our common 14500 battery is the same, but the voltage is different.

AAA batteries, is an American standard for dry batteries. The battery is cylindrical, 43.6 mm high, 10.1 mm in diameter. Is a common battery, smaller than AA batteries. Commonly used in small size, power consumption is not too high electronic products.

AAA, AA, both ordinary one-time alkaline batteries, there are rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, the maximum voltage of 1.6V.

Because the voltage of the lithium battery is high, and LED VF value is also closer, so they drive LED have higher efficiency. While the nickel-hydrogen and disposable alkaline batteries only 60% -70% efficiency, lithium electricity can reach 80% -90%. In addition, the battery size does not mean that can be mixed. The user should pay attention to the output voltage of the battery label, if used wrongly, may damage the electrical appliances.

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