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Introduction To Speaker Classification

Introduction to speaker classification

 The speaker is a kind of electro acoustic devices convert electrical signal to sound signal. Specifically, the speaker's work is actually a range of audio power signal through changing into a small distortion and has enough SPL audible sound.

There are many kinds of speakers, and there are many kinds of classification methods.

 classification by application:

Hi Fi - for high fidelity systems.

With the sound for the stage, the hall and cable broadcasting.

Monitor for radio, sound recording, projection room and so on.

Instruments used for a variety of electronic musical instruments.

TV -- for a variety of TV sets.

The car used for various automobiles -- with the playback.

Be used in the construction field, smoking room playing.

Other uses - for water, fire, explosion, alarm, earthquake and other simulation.

Common types

Loudspeaker: actually is a kind of electric force a sound energy converter. Electric loudspeaker has the advantages of simple structure, wide frequency response and low distortion characteristics, so the speaker system is most widely used. At present many market electric loudspeaker varieties, although some speakers shape is very similar, but because some parts of materials the different performance between them will often appear very different, prices vary greatly. The early production of tweeters are basically some cone tweeters, later appeared in the outstanding performance of the dome tweeter and flat tweeter, has emerged in recent years. Although the belt type high frequency loudspeaker most of the loudspeaker cone is still used, but now the paper basin in material and production process has been greatly improved.


Speaker: speaker cone is currently the most widely used. The cone shape of the cone loudspeaker according to different speakers and speakers are usually round oval two, oval loudspeaker is mainly to adapt to the TV and the radio volume reduced the need to design and manufacture, which widely used in televisions and car audio. According to the different materials and the cone can be divided into speaker cone cone loudspeaker, wool and polypropylene cone loudspeaker cone loudspeaker, the cone loudspeaker is most widely used.


Flat panel speaker: from that in the long-term practice, the cone loudspeaker cone is an important cause of the distortion of the loudspeaker, when the work will produce acoustic resonance in the cone in front of the small room, in order to improve the mechanical energy is converted into the angle of energy conversion efficiency into consideration, we hope to contact area loudspeaker and air can be as large as possible. Therefore, the assumption can be cone cone loudspeaker into a plane, which can make the diaphragm drive more air. All sorts of people try to replace the loudspeaker cone, with flat plates of different materials, finally successfully developed to plate production the speaker.

Dome speaker: the traditional cone loudspeaker has the characteristics of simple structure and high energy conversion efficiency. However, because of the reason of the structure, the directivity index of this kind of loudspeaker is often unsatisfactory.

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