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Is Phone Charging Pile Really Safe?

With the popularity and development of mobile payment, smart phones become indispensable items in daily life, communication tools, entertainment equipment and even evolved into personal mobile wallet. Once the phone is lost or manipulated by others, the loss can be massive. Now the role of mobile phones play more and more prominent, and it’s used more frequently than we even imagine, making the phone duration become a "pressing issue". As mobile phone charging pile is greatly needed, some illegal activities taking advantage of these devices come into people’s eyes.

mobile phone charger

Generally speaking, when you plug in your phone, the charging pile usually forces you to install an APP to start charging, and inevitably you need to authorize the device to complete charging. This is when things go wrong. Authorization grants the operator behind the charging device all access to your phone, which may exposes all your personal information including your addresses, photos, bank account, etc.

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To secure your personal information, we advice that you should do as follows:

1. Do not connect the free mobile phone charging pile at will;

2. Android phone do not ROOT or open USB debug mode;

3.iPhone to keep the latest version of iOS; do not arbitrarily trust external devices;

4. Charge the mobile power with the charging pile, and then use the mobile phone to charge the phone;

5. It is best not to use the free mobile phone charging pile for mobile phone charging.

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