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Keep The Music On

Music is needed everywhere. No matter what we do, and where we are, a taste of music is definitely favorable to our ears. Modern cellphones are all equipped with portable earphones allowing you to turn on the radio whenever you want. However admittedly, an earphone is not a professional delicate speaker. It is needless to point out that the audio performance of an earphone is nothing matchable to a speaker, not to mention the latest bluetooth speaker has been contrived.

The bluetooth speaker is invented based on bluetooth transmission of audio files, completely wireless, even WiFi is not necessarily needed. With advanced technology, bluetooth speaker needs merely 2 hours charging time to work with frequency more than 2.4GHz for more than 4 hours. The bluetooth connection covers up to 10 meters maximum, making it an excellent music company in your room. Besides, the bluetooth speaker is made of ABS plastic. Dimensions like 104x104x74mm and weight just about 290g make it a small nifty device to be carried anywhere, whether you are in a trip or in a car.

Of course, in the age of appearance, how a product looks always matters. We have distinctive shapes and models for your choice. Round, triangular or diamond-like are all applicable.With fashionable and elegant appearance, wireless Bluetooth speaker can almost meet your all the need of a speaker, supporting Bluetooth/line in connection, FM radio, TF card, hands-free calling, that is, it can be used for home theater, portable audio player, mobile phone, karaoke player, computer, stage, etc. 

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