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Key Points On A Good Power Bank

As people's living standards improve, more and more high-tech digital products appear in our lives, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, game consoles, video cameras, bluetooth speakers, MP3 and MP4. It has brought to us a lot of fun and great convenience. However, in the enjoyment of the process, there are some minor issues to be dealt with such as sudden power-off and large power consumption. how do we do? Usually we turn to power bank, a high-tech products to charge your electronic devices. But how to choose a safe and secure mobile power bank?

1. We look at the power capacity of power bank, usually we choose a 5000 mAh power bank is enough for a smart phone, but some people may ask, if 5000 mAh is not enough, should we choose a larger capacity power bank? We all know that the greater the capacity, the higher standard it needs, and the price also increases.If you want to buy large capacity power bank, you must choose from a more assured brand.

2. Conversion efficiency of a power bank is also important. of course, most of the mobile phone power banks can be commonly used. Normally, conversion rate are more than 80%, If lower, the power bank may sustain a safety risk. Certainly, in the choice of materials and technical parameters, you can consult and compare among multiple products.

3, Power bank battery it uses is another concern. On the market it is generally divided into two types: lithium polymer batteries and 18650 lithium batteries. However, it should be noted that lithium polymer batteries are generally safer than the other.

4, Product compatibility also need to be considered. What we need is a power bank that can charge a lot of electronic equipment.

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