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Knowledge About Bluetooth

Knowledge about Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5 technical standards are about to be released

The latest Bluetooth technology 5 at the end of the year or early next year officially quit.

Bluetooth is developing so fast that we have to know something about it.

1 Bluetooth name of the story

In 960 ad, King Blatand of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are unified, the king in the right of the peak, while the king has a nickname - Bluetooth, the king is especially fond of blueberries, that his teeth have become blue, and got the nickname.

Due to his excellent eloquence and good communication, many people have decided to name the king's name, just as the technology is available.

2 the rapid development of Bluetooth Technology

Now we usually the most commonly used Bluetooth mobile phones, computers, headphones, as well as Bluetooth audio are relatively good use.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology, electronic devices can be connected to each other via Bluetooth, eliminates the need for wires.

Commonly used wireless communication: infrared, GPS and bluetooth.

In the past, the transmission technology of infrared interface needs the distance of the electronic device in the line of sight, and now has the Bluetooth technology.

Through the wireless receiver chip, equipped with Bluetooth technology of electronic products can be in the distance of ten meters, the transmission speed can reach 1Mbs/s.

Believe that the advent of Bluetooth 5 technology, our life will become more convenient.

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