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Knowledge About Car Charger

Knowledge about car charger

With the development of the car, the car charger is also quietly follow our footsteps, about the car charge, we know how much.

Classification of vehicles

Car charge can be divided into Car Charger USB, with cable charger, as there are special features of the charger.

Yilon car charger

Yilon car charger

Yilon car charger

Yilon car charger

Among them, Car Charger USB is divided into single USB, multi USB

With wire charger is suitable for a variety of interfaces of mobile phones, cameras, notebook

Special function charger with safety hammer at present, LED lights, support fast charging the charger.

The use of car charge and common sense

1 in the cigarette lighter, insert the USB interface through the USB interface output current.

2 to ensure that the product is current, voltage to meet product specifications.

3 connected to the USB data line for the product charge.

common sense

1 normal mobile phone output current is about 1A, but the car will be higher than, whether the mobile phone will burn, don't worry, the general car charger has a smart chip, can automatically identify the access equipment required for the charging current, thus the optimal power output.

USB interface 2 car can replace the car charger? In fact, this idea is wrong, because most of the car's USB interface is for data transmission and setting, so the current interface part of the vehicle is far from 5V/ 1A, the output current can reach more than 0.9A in general for charging the mobile phone does not have what problem, not to mention the only 0.5A models. In addition, some mobile phone Android car USB charging may be awkward, the current dropped to below 0.5A, the reason is that the system exists part of vehicle identification problem for some Android mobile phone. In order to make it easier to use, recommended that owners buy a car charger or better.

3 car charger USB interface charging more slower? According to the general daily needs, we are to the mobile phone, tablet computer, charging current at 1A-2A, now multi interface chargers are each interface current superposition, 3-4-5A, can meet a number of electronic products work together, the current output is larger, the material and the requirements of the production process is high, must be carefully chosen.

4 fast charge technology is suitable for all smart phones, so far, most of the support fast charging technology is smart phones, cars can be filled with a number of interfaces, 5V/1A, 5V/2A, support fast charge on the back of that interface.

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