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Life Hammer Series Products---Life Hammer Car Charger And Life Hammer Car Jump Starter

Life Hammer Series Products

Life hammer is a kind of assistant escape tool fitted in closed compartments ,When a fire occurs or falling into the water in a closed compartments,You can take the life hammer and Break the glass window or door to successfully escape.If car owners have life hammer,it can increase the chance of escape and self-help.



YILON launch Life hammer series products---Life hammer car charger and Life hammer car jump starter,styles varied and popular,multi-functions and practical function,Customers can customize according to their own needs products, we can according to customer requirements product development.


2 in 1 functions,Life Hammer Car Charger+Mini Car Charger

YLTC-235 is a Mini Car Charger,3 port USB 5V 4.2A output,it can charge for 3 devices at the same time.It can translate to life hammer Car Charger in case of emergency.The Life hammer is made of Stainless stee,aluminum alloy, brass and other metal materials.It can break the glass quickly and effectively.


3 in 1 functions,Life Hammer Car Charger+Mini Car Charger+LED Torch Car Charger

YLTC-228 is a Mini Car Charger,2 port USB 5V 2A output,it can charge for 2 devices at the same time.


Mini Car Jump Stater+Life Hammer Car Jump Starter+Cutter Knife

YLTC-228 is a multi function Mini Car Jump Starter, in addition to be used for car emergency start,it also has a series of features:power bank,life hammer,cutter knife,LED torch,SOS light.


Life hammer is mainly use of life-saving hammer conical tip,since the contact tip area is very small,when hit the glass with life hammer,the contact point is quite large pressure for the glass,and make the Car glass slightly cracked  by an great external force.For toughened glass,a little bit of cracking means that the stress distribution in the whole glass is destroyed,so that caused spider web crack in a flash,at this time we just hit the glass a few more time with life hammer the gently with a hammer and then it will be able to remove the glass fragments.



1.Don't strike on the middle parts of the tempered glass,Because the middle part of toughened glass is the strongest part,four corners and edges are the most vulnerable,especially the most central part of the upper edge.

2.If private car is equipped with life hammer,it must be placed in the position readily available to get.

3.When holding the safety hammer,our hand can not be shaking,clenched and then struck.

welcome to buy our Life hammer series products---Life hammer car charger and Life hammer car jump starter,our products diverse styles.

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