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Little Knowledge About Wall Charger

Little Knowledge About Wall Charger

Mobile phone wall charger poor contact how to do

1.The general is not the original wall charger will appear some problems, such as plug in after the touch screen can not touch, or charging intermittent, so should replace the original.

2.There may be a problem with the software, you can try to change a system.

3.The mobile phone after the shutdown, after contact with red positive in turn tail plug pin board to see if there is a charging feet, find, try to use iron welding after, if not, continue.

4. Replace the charge end plug in the vicinity of a R104 exclusion try.

5. Change the charging transistor to try.

6.Look at the head of the wall wall charger output voltage and current with the original match, if the wall charger output is 350-400MA, it is not up to the mobile phone charging effect, for most of them can be solved for 550---600MA output.

Wall charger maintenance

1. Waterproof and moisture. As an electronic products, the water is not used for a long time without exposure to  the air in the wet, it will cause the internal electronic components of varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation.

2. Anti dropping shock. Mobile phone wall charger is actually a fragile component, the internal components not beat. Especially in the use of the process to prevent accidentally fall. Do not throw, beat or vibration wall charger. Mishandles the wall charger will destroy the internal circuit board

3. Anti chemical products, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergent to clean the wall charger. Remove the wall charger appearance stains can be stained with a small amount of cotton dipped in alcohol scrub.

4.When cleaning electrostatic discharge. Regularly clean the wall charger and the charging interface. When cleaning, use a damp cloth, or a piece of anti-static cloth. Do not use dry cloth (electrostatic charge)!

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