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Maybe You Are Harming Your Car Storage Battery

Generally car battery life is 2 to 3 years, many owners, because of some improper car small habits, misuses the battery, resulting in rapid battery power loss, affecting the battery life. Today to look at these bad little habits that may gravely hamper proper working order of your beloved car.

1, forget to turn off the lights

First look where your headlight gear is. If it is in the headlamps, such as low beam light this block, you pull the key and the headlights will automatically shut down.

2, forget to switch off air conditioner / heater

Many owners have such a bad habit. They do not turn off the air conditioner before shutting down the engine. When the vehicle starts, the air conditioning system will automatically start to start work. At this time the vehicle's instantaneous power load is very high,and long-term use will damage the car battery.


3, Using power for too long after flameout

The continued use of electricity after flameout includes a variety of situations, for example, You forget to turn off the lights after using it for too long.  At this point the car's generator is not working, the battery is not charged in the case of "dry consumption" state, the capacity reduction is likely to cause the vehicle can not start, excessive discharge for the battery itself has great damage.

4, frequent start

For the novice, the flame is a common thing, it is recommended that each start the engine, not more than 3 seconds. If the first start fails, this time do not rush to start again and again. Continuous start the motor will certainly cause the battery over discharge and damage.


5, using too many stereos

When listening to high-power sound, the battery will bring a very high load, the damage to the battery is very powerful.

6, do not pull out the external device after the flameout

The extra electricity equipment itself to increase the burden on the battery, and some models of cigarette lighter in the flame state is still in power mode, if you do not pull out the external equipment will consume battery power, loss of battery.

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