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Mini Car Jump Starters

Mini Car Jump Starters

    What is an automotive emergency start power supply? Mini car jump starters is to drive travel car people and business people have developed a multifunctional portable mobile power supply. Its feature is used in automobile loss electricity or other reasons cannot start when the car to start the car, and the inflation pump and emergency power supply, outdoor lighting and other functions combined, outdoor travel essential one of the products.
    The design concept of mini car jump starters supply is easy to operate, easy to carry, and can deal with all kinds of emergencies. There are two main types of mini car jump starters supply on the market, one is lead acid battery, the other is lithium polymer.
    Lead acid battery car emergency power is more traditional, the use of maintenance free lead-acid batteries, quality and volume are larger, the corresponding battery capacity, starting current and so will be relatively large. Such products are generally equipped with inflatable pumps, as well as over current, overload, over charge, and counter - connection indication protection functions, can be charged to all kinds of electronic products, some mini car jump starters also have inverter and other functions.
    Lithium polymer class mini car jump starters is more trendy, is the recent emergence of products, light weight, small size, can be a master. Such products are generally not equipped with inflatable pump, with over charge off function, but also more powerful lighting function, can supply power for all kinds of electronic products. This kind of product lighting is generally have a flash or SOS remote LED rescue signal lamp function, more practical.

Life application
Emergency starting power supply for automobile
    Car: lead acid battery starting motor current has many kinds, roughly in the range of 350 - 1000 ampere, lithium polymer class start the car's maximum current should have 300-400 ampere. In order to provide convenient, Mini car jump starter supply design compact, portable and durable is car emergency start is a good helper, can provide auxiliary power startup for the majority of vehicles and a small amount of ships, can also be as portable 12V DC power supply, in order from the car or emergency the.
    Notebook: multifunctional mini car jump starters supply with a 9V voltage output can provide notebook stable power supply voltage, to ensure the notebook battery part business people to go out and reduce the impact on the work of, generally 12000 mAh polymer batteries should can provide 240 minutes of battery life to the laptop.

Mobile: mini car jump starters is also equipped with 5V power output, more support for mobile phones, PND, MP3, and other recreational equipment battery life.
Inflation: equipped with a pneumatic pump and three kinds of gas nozzle, can be for car tires, inflatable valve, all kinds of ball games.

Product features
1. mini car jump starters can give all battery 12V output of car ignition, but different cars for product range will vary, capable of providing field emergency rescue service.

2. standard LED ultra bright white lights, flickering lights, and SOS lights, travel a good helper;
Automotive emergency start power supply LTSDY

3. mini car jump starters supply not only support the automobile emergency start, also supports a variety of output, output 5V (support all kinds of mobile phones and other mobile products), 12V output (support routers and other products), 19v output (support most of the notebook computer products), an increase of life extensively;

4. mini car jump starters built-in maintenance free lead-acid batteries, but also has high performance polymer lithium-ion battery, can be used for a range of options;

5. lithium ion polymer auto emergency startup power use long life and charge discharge cycle can be to more than 500 times, full power (battery display five grid) can start the car 20

6. lead acid battery emergency start power supply equipped with inflatable pump, pressure of 120PSI (picture), can be convenient to inflate.

7. special instructions: lithium ion polymer launched the mini car jump starters that takes three grid above can give car ignition, in order to avoid burn automobile emergency starting power supply of the host. Remember to charge it.

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