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Mini Mobile Power Bank

Mini mobile power bank

In today's society, mobile phones are essential for home and travel, it is becoming more and more important in daily life. With the development of technology, more and more mobile phone features, and the corresponding mobile phone battery power consumption faster. In order to ensure the normal use of mobile phones, mobile power bank came into being.

The variety of mobile power bank, shape on a rectangular, cylindrical, the capacity of 2600mAh, 10000mAh and so on. There are solar mobile power bank. Among the many types of mobile power bank, there is a mobile power bank is very popular, it is the mini mobile power bank.

Mini mobile power bank, is a petite mobile power bank, accordingly, its capacity is not large, generally only 3000mAh. So why is it so popular? In my opinions, the reasons are the following:

1. Easy to carry. People travel with the phone every day, if in order to charge the phone with a mobile phone is also larger than the mobile power bank, this is a very uncomfortable thing. Mini mobile power bank, because of it’s small size, easy to carry, so it is widely used.

2. Mini mobile power bank’s Battery capacity is not large, but enough to use. Cell phone battery capacity is 2000mAh-3000mAh (iphone6 battery capacity is 1810mAh), while the mini-mobile power bank capacity is about 3000mAh. This shows that it is completely adequate for emergency use (in the outdoors when the phone is dead).

3. Cost-effective. Because the mini mobile power bank battery capacity is small, so its charging time is short. Moreover, it's cheap, as the phone standby power is very appropriate.

In short, the mini-mobile power bank by the people around the world used by, is an excellent living supplies. So, Why not buy one?

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