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Mobile Phone Charge, The Battery Charger In The End Do Not Pull?

  Mobile phone charge, the Battery Charger in the end do not pull?

  Is not the Battery Charger on the socket connected to the phone at work?

  According to the experiment, the socket is not connected to the phone Battery Charger actually there is the current, that is still working! However, compared to the normal charge when the current, the genuine Battery Charger even one-tenth of the ~

  Then these Battery Chargers long-term on the outlet, then, will not be as serious as the news that so that it produces a fire?

  It is best not to pull the Battery Charger

  Battery Charger is a high-voltage direct current into a low-voltage direct current device, if the Battery Charger on the plug board for a long time, it will continue to heat, thus accelerating the aging of devices and materials, so easy to produce short circuit or high pressure Wear, which lead to fire hazards.

  In other words, the Battery Charger caused the fire is accumulated over the aging of the Battery Charger, there is no danger of a small partner do not exist luck, full charge or in time to pull out the Battery Charger as well!

  Mobile phone charging other dangerous habits

  In addition to no Battery Charger, there are some bad habits, we have to change in time Oh!

  Mobile phone charge dangerous habit:

  ☠ different mobile phone Battery Charger mixed with

  ☠ mobile phone charging charge a full night or full charge is still a long time after the charge

  Hand in the wet when the operation of the Battery Charger

  Travel Battery Charger interface too loose too tight

  ☠ use non-original low-quality Battery Charger

  ☠ put the charging of the phone on the insulation effect of things such as quilts and so on

  Finally, we recommend charging the original Battery Charger, do not use low-quality Battery Charger, not only damage the phone, there are still security problems Oh!

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