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Mobile Power Bank

Mobile Power Bank

Mobile Power Bank supply (Mobile Power Pack,MPP), also known as a charge card, rechargeable batteries, and so on. Power supply and charging a feature in one of the portable charger, to charge up cell phones, Tablet PCs and other digital devices anytime, anywhere. Lithium batteries (or batteries, less common) as a storage unit, using quick and easy.

How to use mobile power bank ?

With charging treasure to mobile phone charging, charging treasure inside the battery charger to charge cell phone batteries,

It is also in the use of household electricity. The charger is 220 volts alternating current, which is 5 volts DC charging for charging treasure.

The use is very simple, the general charging treasure body has two USB interface, one is the most common and most ordinary computer as the USB port,

Another is now popular Android mobile phone with the mouth of the MicroUSB, which corresponds to the two ports of the charging treasure into a two electrical interface

USB port is charging out of the external power supply interface, MicroUSB port is to charge their own charging treasure interface.

You just need a Android mobile phone is the most common and common data line, the data line is a USB port, a MicroUSB port,

Want to use rechargeable treasure to Android mobile phone charging, the data line USB plug-in charging treasure USB, data line MicroUSB plug in the phone MicroUSB

The basic type of charging treasure, so even a good line, automatic start for charging the mobile phone. Some senior charge the treasure switch with a good line, and then press the

Charging treasure switch, can also start charging to the phone. If you charge a treasure, just the line in turn, the computer USB or charger

The USB port is inserted into the Android mobile phone data line USB port, MicroUSB port data line plug the charger to charge treasure MicroUSB.

AC outlet, it will start charging treasure inside the battery. If not a Android phone, just change the corresponding data line.

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