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Mobile Power Bank Type

Mobile Power Bank Type

AC plug type

AC Power Adapter-with folding AC plug folding into the mobile power supply: direct plug-in

Home recharge the product itself from the socket, set functions in one charger and mobile power bank, more practical, more portable.

LCD display type

Mobile power bank supply with LCD display. With the mobile power bank [3] development, users can charge are not satisfied, more users to seek security and personality. There have been part of mobile power bank and battery type, on the shell, and produce mobile power such as digital mobile power. Such products are generally used cobalt batteries, reduce battery indicator error.

Different kinds of mobile power bank core component brief is a two-part, one is the media, which stores energy, and what energy into other media. So the batteries can be used as one of the most important standard for measuring power quality.

Mobile power bank, designers from the aspects of environmental protection, art, portable design. To further personalize the market adjustment. Once again to the design of the portable power industry has brought new ideas. Mobile power bank is called power, the main concept is attributed to the portable, lightweight.

Split stack

A separate mobile supply, energy absorption in combination with by block, and not only looks fresh and chic, but very fun and interesting to users. The fuselage is equipped with LCD screen, accurately shows the charge remaining. Each mobile power bank block has a 2600mAh nominal power, can be added together, total capacity of expansion, and meet the needs of different users of electricity demand.

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