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Mobile Power Needed For Modern Travel

When traveling, we all want everything in a bag for convenience. But often chargers, together with USB cables occupy too much space. Now, these things can be replaced by travel mobile power, greatly reducing the space we want to carry.

In recent years, the rapid growth of the digital product market is accompanied by the trend of diversification of product features, large screen size and color screen, more compact and compact models, but these features will speed up the consumption of electricity and Reduce the battery volume. In order to meet the high-end business customers and mobile people on the use of digital electronic products, mobile power quietly born.

solar mobile phone charger

Travel mobile power is the appearance of the pursuit of miniaturization, the second is the pursuit of diversification. The appearance of miniaturization must reduce the battery volume (capacity); functional diversification, especially the use of color LCD display, will accelerate the battery energy consumption, significantly reduce the working hours of mobile devices, in the future for a long time, It is almost impossible to substantially increase the battery capacity. Statistics show that the battery capacity increased by 20% every 10 years. Therefore, how to anytime, anywhere for mobile digital products charge, power supply, extend the use of mobile digital products, is the current and future mobile digital products users face the biggest problem.

solar mobile phone power

Mini travel charger is served as a digital product charging power or external power supply. You can charge several times, or can also supply power for a long continuous time, solving problems like outdoor charging and unusable situations.

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