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Mobile Power Pack Maintenance

As an indispensable electronic device in our everyday use, mobile power pack has consistently been a necessary power backup. Buying a power bank is easy, but do you know how to preserve one so that it can last much longer. Here we will discuss some tentative measures to preserve your extra power pack.Hopefully it will offer you some useful guidance.

1.Clean the mobile power pack on a regular basis. Better use an anti-static cloth to clean different charging ports because static may cause inconspicuous damage.

2.Keep it somewhere dry.Like all electronics, emergency power supply is susceptible to moisture. Keeping it dry will definitely help it work perfectly longer.

3.Don’t toss or vibrate the device violently. Mobile power pack consists of hundreds of tiny electronic components. Violent use may cause technical malfunction.

4.Keep it distant from heat and coldness. Extreme heat will cause the components to melt down, and working in freezing weather can make it suffer from humidity.

5.Don’t use strong chemicals to clean. Strong chemicals may erode the exterior of power pack. To wipe out certain stains, you can use alcohol.

6.Regular charge and discharge. Even if you don’t use for a while, please charge and discharge on a monthly basis to keep it in perfect working order.

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