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Mobile Power Specifications

The rapid development of mobile power leaves people much less enough time to recognize what the mobile power is, what important performance parameters are, it has for their own mobile phones and other digital products coupled with mobile power. We are here to tell you about the main performance of mobile power parameters:

Capacity: Unit mAh. Usually the capacity refers to the mobile power built-in battery capacity, the capacity range is generally 550-1800mAh, different mobile power products capacity varies, the market mobile power to 5000mAh or so The most common capacity. And the general cell phone battery capacity of 3000 mA, dual-mode mobile phone or business machine with 4000 mA; general digital camera battery capacity of 1000mAh; general MP3 battery capacity of 200-300mAh.

mobile power

Output voltage: mobile power output voltage compatible with the general mobile phone and other digital products for the 5V or so

Output current: generally have 500mA and 1A two kinds of interfaces

mobile power

Charging time: use the computer USB or use the original charger to charge the mobile power, USB charging is generally slower than the original adapter, the specific time due to charging parameters and the capacity of the battery and different.

Overcharge overcharge protection: high-quality mobile power has been put over the charge protection, which is the protection of user life security.

Cycle life: the different types of batteries and not the same, generally about 500 times the remaining 60% -70% capacity. Lithium polymer batteries will be more durable and safer.

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