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Multi - Function Mobile Power Bank

Multi - function Mobile Power Bank

With the popularity of smart phones, and battery technology failed to keep up with the development of mobile phones, mobile power bank has become a must for many people tools. A wide range of mobile power bank, I am not enumerate. Today is to explain the new products - multi-function mobile power bank. This mobile power bank supply model YLPB-113, its functions are as follows:

1. Charge your phone. As a mobile power bank, this is its most basic functions. It has two 18650 rechargeable internal battery, the total battery capacity of 5200mAh, and its output is 5V1A.

2. Lighting function. The mobile power bank has four LED indicators and one LED torch. This feature most mobile power has, do not need too much description. However, to be particularly pointed out that the mobile power bank of the light torch is bigger and brighter.

3. Charge the battery. This is the mobile power bank's most special and important function. This feature is because its structure is very special - its battery is removable. Yes, when you fully charge the mobile power bank, you can not only use it to directly charge the phone, you can also remove its battery for the toy car or TV remote control. Even when the battery is used for a long time after the lack of capacity, you just buy a new rechargeable battery without replacing the mobile power bank. Of course, you can take it for charging the battery directly.

Finally, to remind you that, in use, mobile power bank can not be charged when it is used to charge mobile phone batteries. Do not worry, you can charge mobile power bank first , or directly for the mobile phone charged.

YIPB-113 multi-function mobile power bank Welcome to your purchase.

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