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Multiple Ports Travel Charger

Digital devices are indispensable today. Almost all young people have more than two digital devices such as mobile phones, tablet, self-timer digital camera. With all these energy demanding devices, charging has become a daily thing to do. Traditionally, what we need is a cable connecting the charger and our devices. While out traveling,usually we need to prepare a dozen of chargers for different digital devices. Its obvious that charging is not efficient in this case. Multi-port charge becomes popular in recent years, the charger, with a charging head and multiple interfaces, is good for multiple charging at the same time. Yilon Technology is a pioneering brand for this multiple port travel charger.

As shown above, Yilon Travel Charger has up to 5 USB ports for 5 charging devices, which run just as smoothly as usual even when working together. Your mobile phone, tablets, camera or laptop are all compatible with this travel charger. With 5 USB charging port, the total volumn of electric current can be 8A. Each port has maximum 2.4A power output, pretty nifty for most daily uses. Since its first launch, the travel charger has been sold worldwide up to 30 countries.

Back to the company profile. Yilon Technology is a well-established enterprise and manufacturer in power bank and battery charger industry. For the past 13 years, Yilon has established long-term business relationship with major global customers and material suppliers. Its power banks and battery chargers are all CE, RoHS and UL certified, helping Yilon successfully market its products to Asian and European markets.

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