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Newest Mini Car Jump Starter

Newest Mini Car Jump Starter

Model NO.:YLPB-122 

Camo New design 12V Newest Mini Car Jump Starter

Product feature & function

1.Charge all mobile phones by usb to 3 cable

2.5 indicator lights show charging status

3.15V DC input by car charger, 100-240V DC input by AC charger

4.12V 200A output for car starter

5.USB 5V 2A output for smart phones and iPad

6.Jump start socket

7.Switch for turn off and on

8.LED torch/ SOS light

9.Aluminum alloy shell

10.Car emergency safety Hammer,

11.Seat Belt Cutter Knife-Safety Emergency

12.High-magnification 8000mAh battery

13.Equipped with emergence car start function

14.Can be used as emergence power bank

15.1W high bright light torch with SOS function

16.The light system can maintain 8-10 hours(15 led lights, total 3W)

17.White light and Red light emergency flashing

18.The two buttons control the torch and lighting respectively

19.Dimension:215*58*28mm,mini car jump starter

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