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Novel Mobile Phone Charging Methods

Recently, the US media reported that the University of Washington has successfully used Wi-Fi router as a wireless charging device. It can fully charge the digital camera in the context of non-disruptive data transmission within 10 meters to the other equipment, and in the future this technology is expected to be used for smart phones. Here we come together to name those new mobile phone charging method.

1.Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging seems to be a very plausible means of mobile phone charging that can be applied in the near future. It relies on a charging sensor mounted on a hardware device to receive electrical energy in the RF signal and convert it into direct current for charging.

power station charger

2.Infrared Light Charging

Infrared light charging method is to use the laser diode in the transmitter to emit infrared light, and then through the receiver in the photovoltaic cells to convert light energy into electricity. The energy into infrared light can cover the bottom of about 50 square meters range, you can simultaneously charge all the equipment within the range.

power bank charger

3.Flowerpot Charging

It is a biological charger that turns a plant into a charging station owing to photosynthesis. Since the plant converts light energy into chemical energy during the process of photosynthesis, it produces organic matter. Microorganisms around the rhizome of the plant decompose these organisms and generate energy to promote plant growth. At this time, some current is released as a by-product. The Bio-chargers use electrodes to capture electrons and then transfer them to electrical equipment in the form of current.

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