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Why The Charging Port Is Designed At The Bottom Of A Mobile Phone

Remember when smartphones started to get popular, mobile phone charging port are varied at the top or both sides. But why are they at the bottom now? Lets take a look at how this minor change made a major difference.

1.Less dust into the charging port.

After the phone is in use for some time, dust will accumulate inside the phone, and if it is placed on the top long upwards, dust will be more, affecting the use of the charging port.

2.More easy to answer phone calls while charging

If placed at the top or on either side of your phone, the USB cable would be a major nuisance when you pick up your phone. Obviously the best place is the bottom in terms of Ergonomics. However, this does not mean that one is encouraged to make phone calls when your phone is charging.

3.More protective of USB cable

Constant pulling and dragging of the USB cable is definitely unacceptable. This arrangement of charging can substantially decrease the possibility to damage your charging cable.

4.Reasonable layout of the circuit design.

Mobile phone design is usually like this: camera at the top, together with chip and other components, battery at the bottom. This will not only save space, but also make full use of limited room.

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