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Poor Car Charger 5 Cases Caused By The Spontaneous Combustion Of Vehicles

Car charger caused by the vehicle spontaneous combustion and other safety incidents have occurred frequently. Are you old drivers, your car charger safe? Poor Car Charger 5 Crime:

1. virtual standard "carrying capacity"

Crime: The stronger the load capacity, the faster the charge, and can charge multiple devices at the same time. Some manufacturers in order to attract consumers, will be in the car charger on the virtual standard "carrying capacity."

Hazard: Load capacity is too low car charge at the same time for a number of equipment charging, will cause the charger load is too large, the phone may be an explosion hazard.

2. lack of protection

Crime: Industry standard requirements Car charger must be installed with an effective protective device to ensure that the car charger circuit failure, the fast cut off the power supply lines, but some car charger and no fuse design.

Hazard: In the driving car, car charger failure may be more than car charger itself, there may be damage to the car power supply system, resulting in the car suddenly out of control.

3. Low-cost "car charger" quality worse 20 yuan the following failure rate of 100%

4. Flame retardant performance is not up to standard

Crime: Car charger in the event of failure, the most likely situation is the fire spontaneous combustion, therefore, the industry standard on the car charger flame retardant performance is clearly defined. But a considerable part of the car charger flame retardant performance is not up to standard, in the face of open fire, immediately ignited.

Hazard: may cause the car inside the components of the failure, the flame can not be limited to the inside of the shell, so that the fire and other dangerous spread to the interior of the car, igniting the car.

5. "Over Voltage" is not acceptable

Crime: When the car starts, the car power system will produce a large voltage instantly, which will have a certain impact on the car charger. Hazard: If the product "over-voltage strength" is not up to standard, it may be in the car ignition moment of short-circuit, resulting in open fire or spontaneous combustion and other issues.

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