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power adapter shell material

power adapter shell material

Power adapter has been widely used in life,but a lot of the quality of a variety of power adapter is flow to the market,however,how much do you know about the shell material of the power adapter?YILON introduce you the differences about the power adapter shell material.We can learn more about this type of information,that we can largely avoid some security risks.

Power adapter shell is generally made of plastic materials,Of course, a part of the industrial power adapter is used in the metal shell.Generally,the common power adapter shell material are ABS material, ABS+PC material, pure PC material.In general, we only used these three materials.Next, we introduce the difference between these materials.

Pure PC material

Pure PC material has the characteristics that super high strength,wide elastic coefficient, wide temperature range and so on(ABS material can only be used in the range of -25℃ to 60℃).Pure PC material has the characteristics of high transparency property and free dyeing property,it is conducive to the power adapter to make out variety of colors.In addition,Pure PC material alsohas the characteristics of fatigue resistance, weather resistance, odor-free and odourless and harmless to the human body,it is correspond to the standards of health security.


ABS material

ABS material has the characteristics of low strength and temperature-nonresistance,the max use of temperature can not be more than 60℃.Compared with pure PC material,ABS material is much worse than pure PC material on this point.ABS material is generally used in household appliances.



ABS+PC material

ABS+PC material combined the characteristics of the first two,it has the characteristics of excellent moulding processability,fine flowability and high strength.ABS+PC material is easy to process,stable processing dimension,good surface luster,easy painting and coloring .it can also be sprayed metal, electroplating, welding and bonding, such as these second processing performance.Since the characteristics of ABS are combined with the characteristics of the three components,let it have excellent general characteristic, ABS+PC material has become one of the first material choice for electrical components, household appliances, computers and instruments.


Basically, On the selection of the power adapter shell material,power adapter is centered on pure PC material and ABS+PC material.Although the cost will be increased than ever,and the price will be different.However,from environmental protection and safety,pure PC material and ABS+PC are more in line with market demand.

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