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Power Bank Charging

Speaking of power bank, we have to introduce the concept of power bank charging time. This does not mean the time to charge an electronic device,but the its own charging time. Here is an algorithm, with the mobile power capacity divided by the charge current, and then divided by a work conversion coefficient of 0.8, we get the basic charging time. For example, a 5000 mAh mobile power supply with 1A current to charge, according to the above algorithm, will be fully  charged in about 6 hours.

How do a power bank charge?

Ordinarily, 1A current output of power bank is enough to charge a mobile phone or other small devices, but if you charge iPad, then you need more than 2A current.

1A output current: the mainstream mobile phone power bank has one USB charging socket, but 5000mAh or bigger capacity ones are equipped with two or more USB interfaces. The biggest advantage of this is that you can simultaneously charge multiple devices, so as to save time. However, this will also have drawbacks. When multi-port devices work at the same time, each interface can not achieve the declared current output target, the efficiency decline is inevitable. This may put a higher standard for power bank circuit itself and the quality, which the user needs to pay attention to while purchasing.

Adjustable output current: It should be noted that the above mentioned USB charging port output current are basically 1A, which means that such mobile power is not for iPad and other higher current products, so power bank with adjustable charging current came into being. Such a mobile power supply is generally designed with multiple charge output port, and each output port of the output current will be marked clearly 1A, 2A or other words, users can choose according to their actual demand.

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