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Power Bank Lithium Battery Is Fully Charged After The Release Of High Temperature What Impact

Factors 1: Depth of discharge and number of chargeable

It can be seen from the experimental data, the number of chargeable and discharge depth, the deeper the battery discharge depth, the less the number of chargeable.

The number of times to charge * the depth of discharge = the total number of times the total charge cycle is completed, the higher the number of times the total charge cycle is completed, the higher the battery life, the number of times to charge * the depth of discharge = the actual battery life (ignore other factors)

Impact factor 2: overcharge, over discharge, and large charge and discharge current

To avoid overcharging the battery, Power Bank  lithium-ion battery any form of overcharge will lead to serious damage to the battery performance, or even explosion.

Avoid less than 2V or 2.5V deep discharge, as this will quickly and permanently damage the lithium-ion battery. Internal plating may occur, which can cause a short circuit, Power Bank  making the battery unusable or unsafe.

Most rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have electronic circuitry inside the battery pack. If the battery voltage is less than 2.5V, more than 4.3V when charging or discharging, or if the battery current exceeds the predetermined threshold, the electronic circuit will disconnect the battery connection.

To avoid large charge and discharge current, because the high current to the battery exerted too much pressure.

Impact factor 3: overheating or undercooling

Charger manufacturers to remind the temperature of lithium battery life also have a greater impact. Freezing the following environment may make the lithium battery in the electronic product to open the moment burned, and overheated environment will reduce the battery capacity. Therefore, Power Bank  if the laptop long-term use of external power supply will not take the battery down, the battery will be in the long-term excitement of the laptop, will soon be scrapped.

Influencing factors 4: long hours full charge, no power state

Excessive and low power levels have an adverse effect on the life of the lithium battery. Most of the repeated sales of electrical or battery identification number of repeated charges, are 80% of the discharge test based on the benchmark. Experiments show that for some laptop lithium batteries, Power Bank  often the battery voltage exceeds the standard voltage of 0.1 volts, that is, from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts, then the battery life will be halved, and then increased by 0.1 volts, the life reduced to the original 1 / 3; charge the battery charge more full, the greater the loss of the battery. Long-term low-power or no electricity state will make the battery inside the electronic movement of the resistance is growing, resulting in smaller battery capacity. Power Bank  Lithium battery is best in the middle of the state, so the longest battery life.

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