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Power Bank Recommendation

Between busy work and study, many people like to use smart phones, tablet PCs and other digital devices to browse the web, watch video and other operations, but inevitably, the power consumption of large-screen devices quickly, how do we choose a superior power bank to fit our everyday recreational need? In this article, we are about to introduce a modern power bank welcomed by most customers around the globe.

YLPB-121 mobile power bank from Yilon Technology is a exquisitely and fashionably designed power bank covered in ABS material with fine texture, lightweight, wear resistant, smooth surface and other distinctive features. It can easily cut off perspiration stains, easy to retain fingerprints and stains. Body size of 162.5 * 80 * 36mm, makes it easily grasped and taken when you go out.

The power capacity of more than 12000mAh makes it rechargeable multiple times for you mobile phone, laptop, camera, etc. There are indicator lights on the sides of this power bank to simultaneously tell you how much power left. On the corner of the Yilon power bank, you can find a torchlight in case you are in an open air looking for directions. How convenient is that!

Yilon Technology also made it clear that customers can customize all the other features you cannot find in their power bank. And they offer 1 year warranty in case there is something wrong, completely erase your doubt for good.

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